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Information about meditation pyramids

Meditation pyramids are nothing new under the sun. People have been using their energy for centuries. Today, you can also enjoy their beneficial effects. Here you will find everything you need to know about the healing pyramids.

Pyramids in Egypt are still astonishing at the artists' art, over the unique construction, but also over the unforgettable energy flowing through them. It is said that just as a person, the pyramid is made up of a body (matter), soul, and spirit.

Pyramidal energy has, according to many experiences, also therapeutic, meditating and regenerative effects on the human organism. Harmonizes energy centers (also known as chakras).

While staying in the meditation pyramid, the healing process begins, the healing of health problems accelerates people, feel better, relieved of stress and tension. While the pyramidal energy benefits us, bacteria and viruses destroy it. Also, it increases the immunity of the organism, revitalizes and helps us to gain new strength.

People who tried to stay in the pyramid walked away feeling like after a deep several-hour sleep. For many days they felt fresh, active, they were in a good mood. It is also said that one night spent in the pyramid regenerates the body as a week of staying in the mountains or the sea.

Is it worth trying?

Meditation in the pyramid
It is up to you to stay in the pyramid, whether you are relaxing, reading, listening to music or meditating. Meditation can be recommended for body regeneration. This is easier in the pyramid than in another environment. In the pyramid, you are easier to "cut off" from the outside world.

The Pyramid is a symbol of the path of man to light. Pyramidal energy synchronizes the person with higher consciousness and helps achieve the meditation state. People who regularly meditate under the pyramid have the feeling that they experience moments of connection with the highest consciousness. They have deep spiritual experiences that come according to the level of meditation. Some of the experiences include feelings of impartiality, hovering, clairvoyance, memories of past lives,

Pyramid against stress
You can use the meditation pyramid in many ways. If you do not like meditation, just try to sit in the pyramid, enjoy the peace and relieve stress.

Today we live in an environment that is polluted, full of sensations and pressures. We are hardly looking for a place where we can relax and "turn off." Create such a refreshing sanctuary in your own meditation pyramid.

Feelings of exhaustion, caused by the exhalation of pollutants or electromagnetic smog, are today on the order of the day. All this contributes to weakening immunity and exhaustion. Negatively, there are also hidden power distributions, electrostatic energy of plastics and energy of shapes, for example, angles of 90 ° are the source of negative radiation.

The effect of pyramidal energy is, therefore, a balm whose effects are appreciated especially by people with increased physical and psychological strain, managers, students, doctors, journalists, teachers, etc. The pyramid energy field has the ability to return the biomagnetic oscillations to equilibrium so that the pyramid forces also act against various diseases.

Pyramid also has a very calming effect on stressed and nervous people. Who feels exhausted, after a few minutes in the pyramid, he experiences regenerative and relaxing effects. Stays in the pyramid even manage to eliminate depression.

For whom are the meditation pyramids suitable?
For people suffering from exhaustion.
For people with impaired immunity.
For people recovering from illness.
For people who struggle with the disease.
For all who want to recover energy.
Effects and effects of the meditation pyramid
Many experts agree that the pyramids act as accumulators and transformers of cosmic energy, which they then emit further. According to them, the energy emitted by the pyramid is concentrated in all five vertices of the pyramid. This creates rays that rejoin the focal point (known as the royal chamber), which is about one-third between the base and the peak.

The pyramid has its greatest effects, the walls of which have an angle of 51 ° 51 'with the base and the walls are oriented to the world's sides.

An interesting razor blade experiment is interesting. The specific shape of the pyramid and its proper orientation according to the world causes objects placed in the pyramid to emit energy that does not flow out of the pyramid but reflects from the peaks and thus changes the molecular structure of the objects. This was demonstrated on the razor blades, which after the "stay" in the pyramid had a molecular structure after production, was again sharp.

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